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List of SSDs that works with Mac Os 9

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Please post the Solid State Drives that were proven to work on Mac Os 9.
I'll start with the ones I know:

List of SSDs that works with Mac Os 9

Samsung Evo 840  120Gb  (tested by myself)
Samsung Evo 840 EVO  120Gb  (tested by myself)
SanDisk Extreme PRO 240Gb (tested by myself)
Crucial MX500 (tested by torvan)
Crucial MX300 (tested by torvan)
OWC  Mercury Electra 3G (tested by FBz)
OWC OWCSSDMXLE480 Mercury Pro Legacy 480GB (tested by toasterking)
Samsung SM841 (tested by FBz)
LiteOn MU3  Model: PH6-CE120-G (tested by ssp3)
Plextor S3C  Model: PX-128S3C (tested by ssp3)

Dogfish Msata 128 GB (tested by toasterking)

KingSpec DOM (tested by Knezzen)
KingSpec PATA/IDE SSD (tested by Knezzen)

List of SSDs that DON'T works with Mac Os 9

Samsung Evo 850 DON'T works on Mac Os 9 (tested by DieHard)

Samsung Evo 860 "probably" DON'T works on Mac Os 9 (tested is needed)

Works with OS 9:

OWC  Mercury Electra 3G
Samsung SM841

Can you boot to the OWC SSD? I'm in the process of restoring my dual 533 digital audio G4 running 9.2.2 and was looking at the upgrade. I have a SATA card for other internal storage, but I can only boot to my IDE drive.

YES, the OWC does boot with OS 9.
(Here anyway.)
It's on the IDE cable with a StarTech IDE/bridge in a Quicksilver.

hehe, i already had a textfile here with the same topic-to-do


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