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Making OS 9 render sites - fixing rendering engine on web browsers.

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As a huge supporter of keeping OS 9 alive, is there a way or is someone working on a way to get websites to render correctly ? OS 9 has the potential to be restored with the ability to browse the web, but we need to get the right CSS rendering codec places inri one of the browsers. I admire Classila however, I see itís been almost 5 years since the latest update to classila. I wish I knew how to program, but sadly I never learned. Is it possible to disassemble the web browsers of IE5.1.7 and Netscape to get websites to render correctly ?

If Windows 98/2000/XP can use the internet and render websites normally, surely OS 9 can ???

Thoughts ?

See my answer here:,3017.msg40045.html#msg40045

windows XP supports higher versions of firefox than OSX 10.7.6 on a G5.


--- Quote from: IIO on April 22, 2020, 12:28:31 AM ---OSX 10.7.6 on a G5.

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Whou where you get Lion for PPC??

Up until a couple of years ago Classilla was reasonably usable, most sites were a garbled mess but the information was there for the most part. But with No TLS 1.1+ support, it can't even connect to 90% of the sites I try. It's probably not a simple implementation but I wish even just that could be updated.


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