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All Hail the RXD-629A7-7 IDE/SATA Adapter

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Ooooh, sexy switches! Yet no mention of JM20330 or Marvell chipsets with those? But maybe another option to consider, test and compare? My current imaginary housemate (a ghostly COVID-19 inspired… wispy, floating apparition of Oprah) finds this all very amusing. ::)

But seriously now…

Anyone remember way back in 2018 when we tested the mSATA sleds for use in the Mac Mini? The Marvell chipsets produced the best read/write performance with MacBench & QuickBench (but not by a great margin) while the JMicron’s (JM20330's) were considerably less expensive. That debate between the two continues to this day with new information now offered by both “Teams” as to the other’s inferior or superior performance and MTBF. Capacitors or no… and depending upon which team you might choose. Go ahead, Google it.

And compare the cost quoted last Friday from the muy capitalista Florida-source for two JP103-5’s? $31.98 for two (including the shipping) for adapters that can be ordered direct from China for $2 to $3.00 each - with free shipping. There’s some very good profit for someone and supposedly those were “the last two in stock”. Hurry. Get ‘em while they last, cowboy!

Might as well shell out for the StarTechs.

From all this, I’ve learned that instead of a “dumb” ADP-06, that it might be better to choose JP-103-5 or even the EVB-002-3 (that’s Greystash’s “Bribge” adapter) because both offer the Master/Slave option at very low cost, whereas the ADP-06 does not. So, why buy an ADP-06 from this point on if you can get an M/S version in same or lower price range? Still, if you already have an ADP-06, it can be worked into the mix (in a Quicksilver anyway).

BUT nobody (IIO?) has yet offered conclusive proof that two JP103-5’s or the EVB-002-3’s will work together in a Master / Slave config (QS) or as Cable Select (in an MDD). Who wants to be first to provide that proof? (It might take a month before sets of both of these can arrive here from China for testing.) IIO if you have two of the JP-103-5’s would you be so kind as to set one as Master and one as Slave on a single cable in a *QS and report back? Or is your QS still non-functional at present? [*OR two - set to CS in an MDD?]

And this isn’t a matter of “I know something you don’t know” or “my adapter is better than yours” or “your adapter will never friggin’ work”. It’s about the testing and the actual performance results vs. the cost comparisons - that can then be passed on to others in our little community so that all might benefit and make a more-informed decision before purchase.

How CAN I make this work?

And to paraphrase an old great quote from MacOS Plus:  I do it for… “the 'technological' challenge”.

Always looking for workarounds here and maybe the Conrad Electronics model might be absolutely great in a B&W G3? Or two “CS versions” for an MDD? Ideally, I’d like at least one of each type of the (JP-103-5 or EVB-002-3) adapters for head-to-head MacBench & QuickBench test comparisons here in the same machine.

I must now confer again with Oprah. :o


--- Quote from: FBz on April 24, 2020, 07:51:40 AM ---
And to paraphrase an old great quote from MacOS Plus:  I do it for… “the 'technological' challenge”.

--- End quote ---

I think I probably fall into the 'technologically challenged' camp!

I wasted a bunch of time trying to get 2 'cheepos' working on a MDD...before I was aware of the 'No two on a cable' deal so I switched to the 'RED' team!! ;D

What two "cheepos" were those? If they were the ADP-06's... yup, no can do. BUT if they were the "*others" (noted above) available in jumper-enabled versions (CS in case of the MDD and M/S for the QS). Please check and respond (and possibly save me time and money). Thank ya. ;)

*JP-103-5 or the EVB-002-3

I'm thinking it was the ADP-06 but I'll check.

Looks like I was using the 'Graystash' model... JMicron jm20330. I bought 3 of doesn't work at all ( might have busted it during all of the drive wrestling)... I believe the others are in use in various MDD configuration but they are currently nestled in their rack and I don't wish to disturb them just now.


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