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All Hail the RXD-629A7-7 IDE/SATA Adapter

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--- Quote ---When used in this manner to add an Inland 128 GB SSD to a G3 B&W* - already with a conventional 80 GB HD present… it actually worked! The Seagate pictured below offers jumper settings for “Master with non-ATA compatible slave”. So, if you’ve a similar conventional drive that also provides for this two jumper arrangement, it might be worth removing the jumper from the Bribge adapter and assigning that added SSD slave status?
--- End quote ---

OK, this is ground breaking for ALL G3 Blue and White Tower owners with Rev2 Logic boards !   To Actually be able to add an SSD and a Mechanical on the same cable IDE PATA Bus with the with the dirt cheap "Bribge" adapter is awesome.  In an amazing twist of fate as the Chinese incorrectly spelled "bridge" and it sailed thru quality control and actually printed "Bribge" on the circuit board, this is actually a blessing.  We can identify the very well made, dirt cheap, "Bribge" as the winner for G3 B&W Towers. Remember, this bad boy (EVB-002-03) has no capacitor issues (like the RXD poor workmanship) and it is soldered very well near the IDE pin-out, so I am guessing we should start a new thread just for the B&W G3 towers and test all combinations of hard drive types, also try (2) SSDs and/or (2) SATA mechanicals and so on with this great little piece of technology.  We should make a "All Hail the EVB-003-02 for G3" Topic.

And yes... we bought a boat-load of these for members so that the "Bribge" has a great future ahead :)

Continuation of the EVB-003-02 / Bribge adapter (in a B&W) examination follows here:

The B&W saga continues…
Insert gratuitous image here, of two 80 GB “Bad Boy” hard drives
...from those thrilling days of yesteryear!

What are you guys using in your Mac Mini G4s? I tried one of those that I posted above but it won't work given the limited space within the Mac Mini.

Here’s a thread dealing with some(?) usable bridge adapters for the Mini.,5955.0.html

The AS331 V1.5 / SATA2IDE44VAO adapters were/are the best in my testing… and the IDE44-SATA-FSB (MCA004 V1.3) adapters are usable - but wonky / flaky. (Sometimes they boot and then fail to boot or recognize drives afterwards. Not fun.

Notice their in-line “flat’ orientation?

My supplier no longer has the AS331 V1.5 / SATA2IDE44VAO adapters BUT now has instead, has an AS331 version that’s a V1.3 (which seems to have the same problems as the IDE44-SATA-FSB (MCA004 V1.3). *Might be a voltage requirement difference.

SO, if you can find the AS331 V1.5 / SATA2IDE44VAO adapters - I highly recommend them (I’ve installed at least 10 of them in Minis). AND if you do find a source… please share / advise.

*Also, I believe that IIO uses some sort of plastic “enclosure-type” adapter to achieve the same goal in a Mac Mini.


--- Quote from: FBz on September 22, 2022, 07:40:14 AM ---the IDE44-SATA-FSB (MCA004 V1.3) adapters are usable - but wonky / flaky. (Sometimes they boot and then fail to boot or recognize drives afterwards. Not fun.

--- End quote ---

This week I tried v1.3 in a mini and had an agonizing night of installs hanging, capacity and partitions disappearing. Probably usable in something, but I suspect not in a G4. Never again!


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