Author Topic: MAc OS 9.2.2 updates?  (Read 396 times)

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MAc OS 9.2.2 updates?
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:44:32 PM »
Hello! I installed the 2002 last version of 9.2.2 to my IMAC indigo g3 500mhz with firewire, 1gb ram 8mb rage pro (unfortunately not the rage 16mb :( ). I saw that there is a 2013 version, but i couldn't install that from boot, because no mouse at all would work after it had loaded and i tried about eight different USB mice.

I was wondering how i could go about updating to 2013? SInce theres probably been user made security updates and performance tweaks and so on. I'd prefer to stay on 9.2.2 because OSX is just too brutal for the poor old machine.

I'd love to know what games i can run. What i can use for MP3, and SD video files.

I am completely new to mac, the g3 being my VERY FIRST macintosh i only recently got.

Can anyone give me some tips or guides on things?
Recommended software and such?

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Re: MAc OS 9.2.2 updates?
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2020, 02:48:05 PM »
There is NO "2013 version" of OS9. You may have a copy that was compiled and/or posted in 2013 and you're confusing that with an original creation date.

Your USB mice didn't work probably because that copy of 9.2.2 had a necessary USB system Extension uninstalled or disabled. Those things  can happen when people upload stuff without triple-checking. The person who uploaded it probably had a Mac without USB or something.

A couple of suggestions:

If you have cool USB mice needing jobs, download "USB Overdrive" from Mac Garden. It will let you enable scroll wheels, third buttons etc.

Being totally new to Mac, be aware that:

You're using an "obsolete" G3 AND an "obsolete" operating system. That means your learning curve is going to be steep……really steep. There are NO current update, active help desks, books on the rack at the computer store etc. Your best lifeline for maximum knowledge and minimum confusion is HERE on the Forum. Honestly however, this place, while containing an astonishing amount on useful information, is notoriously difficult to navigate - it IS a user forum / bulletin board kind of place after all and the Search function could be a lot better in a perfect world.

If you're a present or former Windoze user, you'll get very confused for a while - mainly because you'll be expecting and looking for all kinds of things that simply don't exist in the Mac OS or that are built-in where you don't have to deal with them. Disk drivers, enablers etc. and all kinds of little doodads especially.

Others with experience with gaming and "old" video etc. hopefully will chime in here……

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Re: MAc OS 9.2.2 updates?
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2020, 11:20:06 PM »
Well, congrats KitsuneFoxie on getting your first Macintosh! Better later than never ;-)

I second GaryN on what he wrote and especially the learning curve. Mac OS 9 is an amazing operating system (you wouldn't expect something different here, would you? ;-) ) but since it gives its user great freedom it means you can break stuff. There is less to no hand-holding like in modern operating systems. But you'll be able to tweak it completly to your needs - and that is something I find very attracting.

As for software, you may want to look at the Macintosh Garden. You'll find plently of software there for all your needs. I use SoundJam for mp3 and m3u (internet radio) playback. For instant messaging (Facebook chat on OS9) I use the Mac Garden's jabber server. Use Toast or Virtual DVD-ROM/CD Utility for burning / mounting of discs. BBEdit for your text editing needs, Classilla as browser  etc. etc... it all depends on your needs. Just go ahead and explore the Mac Garden for the next few weeks and you'll come across plenty of stuff :-)
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