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Peavey Bandit 75 Amp


Wonder why some projects never get finished right away or in a more timely fashion?

It’s because other projects often bump and interrupt. Case in point…

Here’s the latest Peavey amplifier to cross the threshold here, bumping in front of
other on-going projects. This is the smallest of the three Peavey amplifiers here,
recently appearing for renewal. Made in the good ol’ U.S. of A. and built like
freakin’ tanks. This one will now most likely outlive me.


Well, had to replace the two input jacks, clean the thing entirely, refinish the cab,
replace the logo badge, etc. but it all turned out fairly well. Probably less than
$50.00 total, all said. Now I just need a Bandit 65 and I’ll have a complete set
of these amps that many may look down their noses at?

But, still no Mesa Blue Angel here… and certainly no Dumble.
I’m too cheap and too busy playin’… LOUD & clean.

Anyone else have one of these Peavey monsters?
(Solid State - Now near 40+ years old!)


--- Quote from: FBz on March 10, 2020, 02:07:36 PM ---certainly no Dumble.

--- End quote ---

I think we should rename it..... 'Dumbell' !! ;D ;D


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