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Cornica comeback - Video entertainment for MacOS users - opinions, please

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Hey everyone,

so you long-timers may remember Nicolas Bahamondes attempt to create a plattform for MacOS users to stream videos online back in 2012. If you don't remember it, don't worry - it was unfortunately rather short lived. But I really liked the idea.

Ever since I had the idea of bringing it back as sort of an archive of Quicktime movies. I talked to Nicolas, the original creator, who thankfully approved of the idea and gave me the green light to use the name and logo.

What exactly is it?

I've created a basic version of Cornica that allows you to download and watch Quicktime videos on your Macintosh. I've hand-coded the website according to HTML 3.2 specs, so that even a Quadra or PowerMac 6100 running an old Netscape or Internet explorer will be able to fully use the website and download videos.

Right now, Cornica consists of the Quicktime videos I had on my HDDs. I've also converted some great videos from elsewhere with author's permission (like YouTube's 65scribe). One To-Do for the next weeks is to allow user uploads, so ya'll being able to send-in videos. (though each video will be moderated)

This does not aim to be a 2nd YouTube. (which is why this is no Youtube proxy!) I do want Cornica to be a genuin Quicktime archive

    * with hand-picked video content that celebrates the 80s, 90s and early 00's, our Macs and lifestyle
    * with zero influencers, ads, fake news, political stuff or something
    * that is simply a fun place to hang out with your old Mac. (ok, emulated systems too)
    * that makes people dust off their old Macs and use them again, because they are still good for something, even if "only" for entertainment.

or simply put - the general idea is to make this a place for you and your old Mac to have fun!

Check out the the current version: http://www.cornica.org

The videos are all hosted on the mighty Macintosh Garden servers (who, if not them, has experience with hosting/downloads? :) ). So Cornica won't likely just disappear overnight - which is important to me!

What I am most interested in is whether or not you would use Cornica?
Is that something interesting for you?
Any feature you'd love to see? (except user uploads)

Thanks for any feedback, appreciate it! :)

(And thanks to DieHard for permitting me to post this thread here *thumbs up*)

Will take a look hopefully this night.

That's so cool Bolkonskij.

Just watched a few videos I'd not seen before. It worked really well with my OS8.1/QT3/Netscape 4.8/ 8500.
Will return when I have more free time.

It just proves to me that today's incompatibilities are unnecessary.

Talk about a resurrection, awesome job, I am sure many will like this and great to have you here :)

This looks amazing! Will definitely check out sometime soon! :D


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