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Please lower your pitchforks. I know most of the users on this forum despise Mac OS X, but realistically a YouTube downloader/streamer running natively on Mac OS 9 in 2020 probably will never happen. However, if you dual boot Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 like me, you can use PPC Media Center to download MP3ís with just your PPC Mac and then copy them over to your Mac OS 9 partition.

I have big plans for this fork. One of them is to add options to download then convert videos not only to MP3, but to other Mac OS 9 QuickTime compatible codecs. Any suggestions on the best codecs?

More information on my fork can be found on my site here:

As you might have guessed people here are very much into MacOS and not so much into OSX - still, way to go! Great to see some love for the PPC Media Center! As you may have seen, I've created Cornica and I'll gladly help you with your Quicktime codec questions, though that depends on your target machines. I'll send you a PN on that one.

This could be an awesome tool to improve the conversion process of YouTube Movies to Quicktime movies if you can get it to work. I'll download your fork as soon as I'm on OSX again (which doesn't happen too often though :) )


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