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Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) on Mac OS 9

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--- Quote from: ivan_holmes on February 02, 2020, 02:13:09 PM ---
I'm not old enough to have used it back in the day, but I really like the simplicity and charm of OS 9.

--- End quote ---

It's GREAT to see young 'whipper-snappers' here breathing new life into that good ol' OS9 that us old geezers love so much!!! Nice work...thanks! ;D ;D

Thank You for sharing your work. :)
this is a very useful and interesting project.

Thanks to all for your kind words.

Great news  I have succeeded in making a very basic drag and drop conversion utility. It crashes when I drop multiple files on it; I am going to look at fixing this. I haven't looked into it at all yet so hopefully it will be easy!

I will upload the utility here soon whether I find a fix or not.

This project so far has certainly been an unconventional way to brush up on my C++...

I've fixed the problem I was having when trying to use the drag and drop utility with multiple files the original code had a memory leak which didn't matter until I tried to run it more than once, which I fixed. It also didn't check to see if the pointer for the buffer was null, which it could be even after fixing the leak due to memory fragmentation. I fixed that and increased the size of the heap to avoid frequent error messages.

None of this would have been a problem in the code's original form as it was only intended to run once, and it was written for modern operating systems where the heap size is not fixed.

As a result of all this, I am now able to release an alpha version of the drag-and-drop conversion utility, 'Drop ALAC'.
I have attached a binary and the source code to this post. To use the application, simply drop one or more ALAC-encoded .m4a files on to its icon, and a .wav file with the same name will be produced in the same folder.
There is no progress bar when the utility is working, but you can watch the small flashing indicator in the top left of the screen to be assured that it's still running.

This is an early alpha version and all the usual disclaimers apply I make no promises as to its stability etc. That said, if you try it out and have problems please let me know.

Thank You, it works OK. ;D
I just had to rebuild the desktop to refresh the application icon and BNDL resources and thus "enabling" drag and drop. This a common issue in Mac OS 9. ;D


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