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need to extract the information from "uptodate" CDs from 1995-2001 for Mac OS 9

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i am not firm enough with sheepshaver, there are better candidates here for that.

could you unstuff the archive? i am not sure if that works with the emulator OS9. if it works, you will find "unstuff" in the contextmenu when you click on the file.

if it doestn work, i will add the files to the forum tomorrow.

then, in OS9, you can install such system add-ons simply by dragging them onto the system folder and they will automatically go in the right place.

Please can you add the files to the forum?
And also can you give me a bit more guidance on what I need to do. I spent the whole day yesterday playing with it but I was not able to do it.

I have even got PowerBook 6.7 G4 and I have tried on that I did not able to do it. I would really appreciate it if you can help me.

Kind Regards

Try Astarte CD Copy to read the CDs and, if needed, to make images of those CDs. Then maybe someone can look at images and identify the file system used. Astate will copy almost anything. Just google for it.


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