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need to extract the information from "uptodate" CDs from 1995-2001 for Mac OS 9

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I have 6 CDs labelled "uptodate". They are medical CDs. I need to extract the information from them. We have installed "sheepshaver" and an application that allows us to read them. But we need to find a way to extract the information from each CD.

When we insert some CDs they come with "CD-R Access tm Reader"

Can anyone help us?

Kind Regards

OS9 normally would mount and show anything it can mount, even if the format is wrong.

are you sure it used to run under OS9 back in the days?

maybe it is an XA or kodak format or it has 840 mb and your CD drive doesnt support that.

as soon as it mounts, you should be able to just drag the CD symbol onto the "unix" folder  - and it will end up in user/documents/ in the host OS.

Thank you for your help.
Some of the CDs come up and the "uptodate" showing uptodate as the name of the cd. The rest of them come up as "cd-r access reader". And one of them says Capacity 2.1MB but available 3.4 MB. How does that make sense?
do you think the ones that dont say uptodate are empty?

I really would appreciate any help.
Kind Regards

if it is more than one i wouldnt expect that they are broken (due to scratches or years of direct sunlight.)

i am not sure if it will help, but you could try adding joliet volume access to the system (it is an extensiosn and you need to restart sheepshaver), maybe there is some autostart application on the mac volume and another windows volume which only wants to mount together with that. (and which also wouldnt mount in windows despite it is a windows partition - i have seen that before)

joliet is free and still available from its author, like it should be. the serial number is linked from the site.

otherwise... try to get access to an old mac machine if you can... not everything works in emulation...

Thank you so much for your help.
Is there any chance I can call you or whattsapp call you?
I am happy to pay for your time if you are able to help in anyway. I have downloaded what you suggested but I do not know how to run it.
If I could have some support over the phone I would be happy to pay for it via paypal.

Kind Regards


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