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Ableton Live 2.0 Announcement (December 2002)


information regarding what was changed re: ableton live 1.0 -> 2.0 (ready for protools announcement)

Whats new in Live 2.0?

What's New in Live 2?

Live 2 enhances the performance and jamming features of the original software and also adds multi-track recording and editing with "Elastic Audio". Version 2 turns Live into a comprehensive studio recording and editing tool.

Elastic Audio

Selectable warping modes for clean stretching of all types of audio
Recordable tempo changes and a continous tempo envelope
Tempo tapping
Ability to bypass time-stretching for individual clips or recordings
New Comprehensive Studio Tool

Easy, tape-style multitrack recording with punch in/out and metronome
Super-fast arranger navigation
Better handling of non-looping clips
Improved automation handling and editing for fast parameter access
Enhanced file management
Smarter Jamming

Relative Session Mapping
DJ-mixer-like crossfading between tracks
Full screen mode allowing more space for Live
Improved Prelisten/Solo functionality

Presets can now save and recall effect settings
Loads of ready-to-go presets for all Live effects
New Gate and Redux effects
And lots more...

New Bus View with input gains and mono/stereo selectors
Improved mixer UI - makes more tracks visible on screen
Dedicated Input Monitoring/Recording buttons in each track
Map Tempo and Transport controls to MIDI or keyboard
Reception of MIDI from multiple ports
Bug Fixes and performance optimisation


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