Author Topic: S. Image 3124 / 3132: SImagixII 9.0.0b9 benchmarks (10.2.8, 10.6.8, 10.13.6)  (Read 285 times)

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Focused on PowerPC and x64 builds (Jaguar, Leopard, Snow Leopard, High Sierra).
The driver is signed and notarized, so it should run on Mojave and Catalina.

Affected hardware: Silicon Image 3124 (PCI-X) and Silicon Image 3132 (PCI-e machines).

This is OS-X driver only, not locked in any form.

It's still in "beta" because i386 wasn't tested, neither port multiplier extensively.

I think the performance beats everything made for that card.

It was important to see, what is the gain if the "X" code is ported to "9".

The answer is: quite a lot. I think, this would be one of the fastest controllers for "9" (and so far the only SATA-II).

The drive icon is from long-obsolete "FWB RAID Toolkit" abandonware. Hope they are OK with that.

Originally, 3132 is one of the slowest PCIe controllers and it has two extra problems:
- neither MSI, nor MSI-X is supported
- it does not show up in any Thunderbolt box I am aware of.

The later is moot because of the first: MSI or MSI-X non-support + Thunderbolt = Apple + Intel is very angry at you.

But at least who have the 3132 or consider to buy it for $5 - $10 on eBay can use it in their $100 Dell Hackintosh without much restriction. An other good use is the G5 with PCIe slots. 3132 is even bootable in G5 (well, OK, updating the FCode won't hurt either).


- there is no new FCode update (yet), just the old one which is here and there in your ROM-s
- the installation is convenient for 10.4.0 and above (up until 10.15.2), not for 10.2 - 10.3
- there is no "9" yet
- more testing is needed

We are still in "beta". The version was "bumped" to "9", reflecting the 10+ years of new life.
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