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Speaker Treatments & Cleaning Pots

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Iíve switched over my contact cleaner from deoxit of various types to MG Chemicals 409B Electrosolve Zero Residue Electronic Contact Cleaner. Bought a big $20 can of it and I couldnít be happier. This stuff doesnít leave an oily film like deoxit. Deoxit is still good for some things where itís in a closed/sealed space (so not susceptible to dust) and needs a bit of lube, but this 409B is just fantastic. No residue at all as advertised.

The big can I ordered cleaned every single pot and switch on a 24ch mixer and Iíve got probably 85% of it left. Cant recommend it enough. For really careful cleaning, use this stuff plus some lube of your choice and skip deoxit altogether.


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