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Snapshot of DVD movie


How can I make a snapshot of a movie that is played by Apple DVD player? I tried several programs and it's always a black picture.

Can't do it with Apple's DVD Player, it's a video overlay that doesn't get exposed to the front buffer where the desktop is drawn.

I'm unaware of any OS 9 apps that can use a software decoder for MGEP2, like VLC under OS X.

The pixels from the DVD frames never arrive in the main screen buffer (scrnBase=LMGetScrnBase()). The pixels that it draws in the main screen buffer are actually #001000. When it sends the screen buffer to the screen it replaces all #001000 pixels (and they may be in a different window) with pixels corresponding to the same coordinates in the current DVD frame.

In other words: the image that you see on screen can be different from the image in memory. Then where can I find the image that I see on screen?


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