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Curtis Roads supercollider files problem

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I have a zip file Roads gave me a while back. Lots of supercollider 1 software he wrote, But the file associations are messed up. They do not identify with supercollider one. Something has been lost. Can anyone work this out

here is the zip;


did you already try both OSX and OS9?

otherwise i might have the files, too.

so, i am in OS9 now.

the executable is okay, just the files are not.

as i dont find it in my collection i would just fix i for you - but it is SC1, which doesnt use the same type/creator code as SC2. :)

if you could ul a single non-corrupt script ...

i think i fixed all.

the example file in /audio shows up as sounddesinger, but is aifc, dont worry.

pls test and report. main focus on the files i marked with a labelcolor (.param)

thanks sooo much. it worked.!


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