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anyone using TC Powercore in 2020? (Discontinued in 2011)

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powercore license unlocker is now available.

we needed 2-3 people with a card and missing licenses (such as someone who has not yet installed his master X5) who can test something before we post it here.


Where can you read about it? Need to flash the card or have a patch?

you need to put the card into a computer which can boot into windows, then try to patch the OS9 and OSX PPC demo versions under windows.

OSX intel works this way, PPC is still untested but should use the same encryption. eventually we need to restructure the resource forks later.

do you have a spare win computer with PCI around?

i am not going to search for the demo installers when nobody can help / wants it for himself. :)

Thanks for the answer. One of these days I'll try to get a Pentium 4 from my friends.
Should this be done in Windows XP or Windows 7?

the later one wont hurt i think.


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