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anyone using TC Powercore in 2020? (Discontinued in 2011)

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I know that what I'm about to write is a long way away from the focus of this board because I'm talking about my experiences on an Intel Mac.  Still, I thought that it couldn't hurt to mention that I have 2nd hand Powercore FireWire unit and was able to successfully freeze the demo time for a couple of plugins.  (I haven't had time to try more than a couple of plugins but both of them worked fine when I was able to figure out exactly which file the patcher was looking for.)

long story short; if the crack wouldnt work as intended, it wouldnt have been released.

our main problem here is that
1. we lack most demo versions
2. we dont know if the plug-is are really using exactly the same scheme and
3. that PPC is another architecture, and OS9/carbon even is a different file format.

there are just not enough PPC users left on this planet, so we have to find out all on our own. :( haha :)

but if you have an intel mac and a PPC mac, too, you are invited to try if your card works under PPC, too. just install the latest demo installer and attach the card to the PPC. if it works for firewire, it will also work for the mkI.

opening up one of these plugins in resedit, I see that there's a resource called "Aeff" which would appear to be the main code for talking to the powercore.
I think given how the patcher works on the newer version of the plugins, the best place to start would be to try to export that Aeff resource into its own file, and see what the patcher does with it. might need to convert it to a data fork as I would imagine that's what the patcher will look for.

few tests:
MKII PCI does not work in OS9, its not seen by the Powercore software. (this was expected)
I need to install 10.5 on my MDD so I can test out if the patcher works on PPC OSX. Latest Powercore software (4.4.3) requires 10.5+
My PCIe already has all its plugins unlocked so I cannot test out patching plugins on my DC G5 which already has 10.5.
Will probably be a week or two before I will have time to install Leopard on the MDD and test out with my MK2 PCI cards.

I bought the Element version some years back before I knew any better! >:(

I'm working on getting a Leopard install set up on my MDD to test these out. Are there any DAWs you guys would like me to test with? Keep in mind this is for OSX 10.5.6, a little outside the scope of this forum but wanted it to be documented somewhere

Once we get our hands on either some demo installers or full-version installers off original CDs, I can test things with an original PCI card in OS9. But for now I'm just testing to see if the unlocker works with PPC plugins at all, so going with the last documented version that works with PPC, which is 4.4.3, according to my research.


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