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anyone using TC Powercore in 2020? (Discontinued in 2011)

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as is common knowledge at this point: TC Electronic have discontinued the Powercore platform back in 2011
not sure when the product was first introduced? 2001? 2002?

im just taking a quick look back at this topic that i previously largely overlooked; (in favor of UAD)
my questions for those more versed than i on this topic are:
is it still possible to buy + use TC powercore Products in macos9 in 2020?
im alot less familiar with this topic then with the uad-1 product;

how many different powercore products were there?
let me see if i can answer that.. if anything is missing or incorrect please correct me

PowerCore (Original?)

PowerCore PCI mkII

PowerCore Compact

PowerCore Element (is this the first "Mk1" version? or a budget scaled down version?)

PowerCore Firewire

PowerCore Express
PowerCore Unplugged (i'm guessing this version comes with 0 plugins?)
PowerCore 6000
PowerCore X8
PowerCore X8 Sonnox Edition

I believe I am one of the last 10 guys (5 maybe...) in the world playing with the TC Powercore in Cubase VST...
The only model you can play with, is the original PCI version.
None of the further releases (PCI MKII, FW, etc, ) are what working in OS9...


--- Quote ---TC Electronics PowerCore (Hardware Driver, Plugin Suite) - Version 1.6.1

The Download Folder also includes the World-class 247C Compressor and ClassicVerb Reverb Plugin Installs
--- End quote ---

Here is all our Powercore software,1146.0.html

The only caveat is the Master X3 that was authorized per serial number on the board,
I still have six originals with the Master X3 authorized Cubase Master X3 if you need one inexpensively

--- Quote from: DieHard on January 24, 2021, 01:57:53 PM ---I still have six originals with the Master X3 authorized Cubase Master X3 if you need one inexpensively

--- End quote ---

I might be interested in one of these.. I'll send a DM...

Interestingly enough, if you happen to have a Hackintosh with PCI ports, the original PCI powercore cards work perfectly fine up to at least 10.14...


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