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Mouses in the house

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Will he finish in time to send “other” packages to both ends of the country by Christmas?
AND begin the long overdue posting(s) under the “Chasing Tone - Pignose & Dwarf” thread*
...before the end of the year?

* The Project has now grown to include: Pygmy, Mini-Rock and the Mouse amp strains…
as well as some modern alternatives (Boss Katana Mini, Blackstar Super Fly & Fly 3,
the Roland Micro Cube and the Cube Street) for subjective performance comparisons.

As has been the problem w/direct-replacing speakers in all of the early portable amps here
...the Lectrosonics Mouse and Maxi-Mouse came with (1) 8” 2Ω speaker.
Sooo, new cabs built to house “alternatives” for the other two remaining “Mice” here.
Original paper-coned speakers are nearing that "degraded dust state" and have used
Visaton’s LTS 50 cone treatment to slow that decay but that effects tone.

(2) 5” 4Ω speakers or (4) 5” 8Ω speakers - all wired in parallel,
equals original Lectrosonics Mouse 2Ω speaker resistance load.

Staining, poly, painting, wiring and speaker grilles… still need be done.
(Pygmy and Cube Street have yet to arrive.)
There's never anything to do here. ;)

Modified Mouse & Maxi-Mouse amp reconfig projects.
Tried different, black metal speaker grille and opted for fabric.

The smaller (Mouse) conversion to BC/BB power. (Much lighter.)
Improvement over regular Mouse, probably wants a bigger cab.

Larger (Maxi-Mouse) definitely rivals the Roland Cube Street.
Still with the (2) heavy six volt batteries & needs a carry handle / strap.

Lookin' good!! ;D

is that a chair?

IIO, This is a chair.

And this is a Motu 324

Did you look under your bed?


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