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Re: Article: Digital Performer 2.6 (January 2000)
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Re: Article: Digital Performer 2.6 (January 2000)
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   In the literature, system requirements are listed as a Power Macintosh with 32Mb of RAM or more and System 7.5.5 or higher (with system 7.6.1 the actual minimum recommendation). However, this won't allow you to play or record audio using your Macintosh's inbuilt capabilities: you'll need further hardware in the form of a soundcard. To go native, the recommendation is a PowerMac with at least 40Mb of RAM (with 64Mb recommended), plus Sound Manager 3.2.1. This is included with Digital Performer, though it's not required on a G3. Also required are SOM objects (included with Digital Performer), Shared Library Manager and Shared Library Manager PPC. If you want to use USB MIDI devices, then you'll need OS System 8.6.

The requirement picture changes slightly if you're using third-party hardware. For example, if you want to hook up to MOTU's own 2408 hard disk recording system, MOTU recommend nothing less than a G3 to get anything meaningful out of it. Where Digidesign hardware is concerned, the basic rule of thumb is that if your Macintosh can run the hardware, then it'll run Digital Performer. Incidentally, the arrival of v2.5 significantly upped the ante in terms of third-party hardware support. The current roll of honour includes:

* Digidesign hardware: Audiomedia II and III, Sound Tools II, Pro Tools (4-16 channels) and Pro Tools Project, Pro Tools III, Pro Tools 24, Pro Tools 24 Mix and Pro Tools 24 Mix Plus.

* Other cards directly supported (under the MOTU Audio System) include: Korg 1212, Yamaha DSP Factory, Sonorus StudI/O, Echo Darla, Gina and Layla. V2.6 also adds support for Megawolf Serial adaptors.

Digital Performer ships with both DAE (Digidesign Audio Engine) and MOTU Audio System audio support. If you have Digidesign hardware installed, Digital Performer will look for DAE in your system folder and, if everything's installed correctly, will automatically choose that as the default system. However, in some cases, you could actually get more out of your system if you run the hardware under the MOTU Audio System. For ultimate flexibility, Digital Perfomer allows you to freely switch between the two (or, indeed, to run MIDI Only).

On a slightly different tack in terms of interfacing with the outside world, DP offers sample-accurate transfer of audio between the computer and ADATs or Tascam digital multitracks.

It should work with my Audiomedia III! Thanks for the info!
Looking for MacOS 9.2.4


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Re: Article: Digital Performer 2.6 (January 2000)
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V2.6 also adds support for Megawolf Serial adaptors
^^ u can see this is when the serial pci were made;)

this versions almost looks cooler then 3 + 4!


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