Author Topic: Where Did My 'Volume Go??  (Read 3382 times)

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Where Did My 'Volume Go??
« on: November 24, 2019, 09:04:11 PM »
So I have this OWC external 1TB drive that I formatted into three equal volumes (@310 Gigs each) ... but recently I've been getting a 'This Disc Is Unreadable' message at startup... hit 'eject' and only two volumes show up. I've backed up the two remaining volumes onto another drive but I was was wondering if there's a method to try and recover the missing volume?

Is 310Gigs too large for the usual OS9 tools like Disk Warrior or Norton stuff??

I haven't tried anything using OSX yet... is that a path to try?

I'm not quite sure what would be on the missing volume... probably backup files but I thought maybe I could try to recover before I wipe it and start from scratch.


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Re: Where Did My 'Volume Go??
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2019, 10:23:56 PM »
norton speed disc <190 gb, norton disc doctor <500 gb

lost partition ... can be recoverable or not.

first steps to do are booting into OSX and, in case of firewire, changing something in the current firewire chain often fixes this for me.

if ithe volume seems unrecoverable and you had important files there, data rescue will safely recover any readable files from a volume even if the catalog and tree has been completely lost - but without their folder structures and also when the file has been marked as deleted, so it can end up in a big mess of single files :)

data rescue can need a lot of RAM if the disc has gazillions of adresses and might work better in OSX in that case.

after you found files and data rescue tells you you would have many orphaned files, you might want to try using disc doctors or techtools hardware check after reformatting the disk (i am not sure if DD can do that per volume?) - and use it with caution in the future when the number of corrupted segments is like 30,000 or so.

(my HGST startup drive in the Xserve currently has 0 bad blocks, most others have about 50. last time i had a fucked up 500 gb volume the number of bad blocks on the disk had been rising from 30 to 37)
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