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Audio CDs not mounting in 9.2.2 from external drives

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Does anyone know how to get 9.2.2 to recognize audio CDs on a USB CD/DVD drive?  I can get data CDs and DVDs to work, just not audio.

Toast 5 doesn't recognize the drive either, other than the built-in one that has been dead for years.  I have two external USB drives and neither will mount an audio CD.

I have a TiBook G4 1GHz, and I've been reviving my System 9 with the help of this site.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks, MF

These are just guesses…maybe they'll help.

OS9 will recognize a standard Red Book CD in the internal ATAPI CD drive. It will appear in a finder window with listings "Track 1, Track 2" etc.
Over USB, different stuff has to happen.
*There are USB extensions that must be enabled:
"Audio CD Access" 5.3.4 This is specifically for music CDs
"Foreign File Access" 5.3.3 This MUST be enabled for the Audio CD Access to work
"USB Authoring Support" 1.1.2 For USB CD-R and CD-RW Maybe necessary, maybe not.

If the CD does NOT appear upon insertion, it's because the OS doesn't know what to do with what the USB drive told it.
(If you can play a DVD, I'll bet that the DVD player launches itself upon insertion)
You need a default app to play a pre-recorded CD as well. That will either be iTunes or "Apple CD Audio Player". Both have autoplay selections in their prefs
BUT (big BUT) It's possible they don't recognize the info coming from the USB CD drive so they don't do anything.
 Remember, when you stick a CD into the USB drive, it simply sends a data burst to the OS saying "I'm here with these certain type of files" - The OS has to then know what to do with them, so you probably need an app to respond and launch.


Toast has three USB extensions that must be in the Toast/Extensions folder. "USB Support"  "USB Support B"  "USB Support C" See if they're there.
*There may be an issue if the drive expects USB2 burn operation.
* You should have/use the last Toast 5 - that is "Toast Titanium" 5.1.2

That should keep you busy for a little while…

Holla back.


--- Quote from: MagicFingers on November 21, 2019, 01:39:32 PM ---other than the built-in one that has been dead for years.

--- End quote ---

get a new one.

you are not supposed to work with that crappy pioneer stuff anway, which can not even write DVD DL and 800 mb CDs.

LG GSA-H22N is one of the best. i got a dozen of them here in europe for 1-3 euro per piece. fastest DVD-RAM machine for IDE. very low noise.

Hi, Gary, thanks for responding.  Yes, I have all the files you mentioned.  I was using Toast 5.2.3.  But the audio CDs don't mount anyway, and they usually kick back out of the player after a few seconds.  Maybe I have to have a particular player for 9.2.2?  I was just trying to get an affordable auxiliary drive to do this.  They work OK in Tiger.

To IIO:  Does this have to be a built-in of a certain model?  Perhaps I've been spoiled, but it would seem that with the correct software, that if a USB drive would mount data CD-Rs, that it could also mount audio CDs.  I know that with my PowerMac MDD I had to install a Pioneer drive (which lasted all of 6 months).  But if that's what I have to do...


--- Quote from: MagicFingers on November 21, 2019, 10:12:59 PM --- But the audio CDs don't mount anyway, and they usually kick back out of the player after a few seconds.

--- End quote ---
May be obvious, but I gotta ask to make sure:
1) If you launch iTunes or Apple CD Player first, does the CD still pop back out?
2) These are commercial pre-recorded audio CD's? Or are they home-burned? Both?

Thinking logically, you say everything is 100% fine in OSX. That is telling you that:
1) This is a soft communications / protocol problem… NOT hardware.
2) The pop-out after a few seconds MAY be because the OS is expecting a blank and instead is seeing the disc is locked/already burned.
   * I KNOW that's not the most helpful sentence you've ever read. I'm just thinking out loud here.

Lastly, since I'm thinking out loud, what I'm really thinking is that this is a silly wabbit hole anyway. 20 bucks will get you a replacement DVD drive on fleabay. Don't keep punishing yourself here!

Yes, 20 bucks!

15 bucks NEW !!

FWIW: I have a Pioneer DVR-116D DVD-RW in my MDD and it's never given me a single issue. I'm just sayin'…


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