Author Topic: File Sharing across generations  (Read 1717 times)

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File Sharing across generations
« on: November 10, 2019, 12:08:49 PM »
I've got a Drobo connected by FireWire 800 to a 2009 Mac mini running Mojave. I'd like to share that across my local network via AFP.

I've also got a Mac mini G4 running OS 9.2.2. I'd like to run a server on this machine and point it to a set of folders on that Drobo.

I keep getting errors that the AFP versions aren't compatible. Is there an option that might let me do what I want without introducing another computer to the network just for file serving?
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Re: File Sharing across generations
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2019, 03:11:58 PM »
You actually have TWO problems:

1) HFS+ and older AFP versions are not compatible; and even if they were;
2) The Apple File System) on your Mojave-running Mini cannot be seen / read by earlier HFS-running systems.

Is it just me or does it start to seem like every time we kinda "settle down" into a groove where everything's more or less compatible and working, Apple does something radical to obsolete the entire working environment?

Just kidding - I already know the answer to that.

There are two ways to bridge the AFP issue: a dedicated server or an OSX-running machine in between.
Personally, I just took one of my many, many (they multiply by themselves when you put them in a closet, you know) G4 laptops running 10.5.8 to serve as a bridge. I just "bounce" files off of it in either direction.
There is a lot of info here on the Forum about using Fetch and similar and /or using NAS schemes to serve files back and forth (macstuff has the skinny on that) so you CAN find a way that works for you - and get proficient using our 18th-century search tool also…
You simply need to think about what you really need and pick the best option.

The AFS issue however, is a different animal. It only "works" in one direction. The Mojave system can "see" everything "below" it so you can get from and put to your OSX or OS9 systems FROM the Mojave Mini. The AFS formatting is automatically removed by Mojave when you send a file. However, you can only "see" what's on that "new" Mini from something running High Sierra or better. I don't yet know of a workaround for that. It would be nice if an enterprising 3rd party could come up with some kind of "AFS translator" or similar to help out there.

I somehow doubt that Apple would be very enthusiastic about that however…