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« on: September 20, 2019, 03:36:40 PM »
From the category of “Stuff I Have but Will Never Use” I offer up the Behringer BCF2000 Fader/Midi Controller. Shirley (don't call me Shirley) someone here would love to have this thing. Make a cash offer (including shipping) and it may just be yours. OR - willing to trade for set of old “cheesy-looking” bongos (must have good skins/heads). Recipient pays shipping for both items *each direction under the possible Bongo Option.

(Post pic of your intended Bongos.) ;D

INFO:|en) There’s also a video you can watch.

DOWNLOADS:|en) *May only be OS X use.

On eBay today, these range in price from $175.00 to $1425.40 (from Japan
I could be rich instead of offering this up to members here for Bongos & shipping costs. Best offer will be final-accepted after this weekend on September 23. (Best cash or best Bongos - my choice.) PM me. No interest? eBay here it comes. ::)

PDF Spec sheet:

Some pics from the 2nd address above:
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