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Various PCI Expansion
« on: August 27, 2019, 07:13:27 AM »
Hi, i have some ideas how about expand my Beige G3 and i need at least a couple of card: an USB controller and a SATA one (i'm thrilled about to place a SSD under OS9).


In my home i already have two cards stolen from two pc but they are equipped both with a VIA chipset (one is a combo card with firewire 400 on board too). OS9 absolutely refuse to recognize them.
I've read the story about the extensions that aren't installed if the card is not already mounted in the machine and the way to solve this: i opened the mac os 9.2.1 archive with tomeviewer and pulled out the needed files.
Installed them in right place but things aren't changed at all.
The strage thing is Apple System Profiler which can't read any information about the cards neither pci id (it return a -1 value). I can understand if the system doesn't recognize an id because it hasn't a proper driver installed but it should not miss the "naked numbers".
Is this behavior normal or there are other particular things i must to know like, i suppose, limits about pci revision. I don't know what is (2.1 or 2.2, i think the first one) but must i expect some joke from hardware because it ?


I remembered a things about video card. I know graphic cards for mac ppc must have a particular and exclusive boot code for non-x86 hardware in order to run so the same card cannot be switched from a machine to another. In past times someone, in order to save money, buyed video cards for pc and reflashed their firmware (i think it happens again in amiga world with new ppc machines). Can be the same thing even for every other pci card so i must find only "pure mac" expansions ?


This experiment is surely most funny than the previous one. The IDE controller seems to me run at a maximum of 14MB/s: changing the hard drive with a 7200rpm (now there is a maxtor at 5400) surely will boost the system with minimal effort. It's too easy so i'm curious about an external pci controller plus a chinese economic SSD. In the past i've already tried the Compact Flash way but i wasn't happy (if you want a speedy one you must spend more than a ssd).
Obviously i've already a sata card stolen blablabla... and surprise surprise it mounts another via controller. Something suggesting me OS9 or the logic board consider VIA like shit so i will not try to test it...  ::) What alternative can i have ? A Silicon Image 3112 or 3114 are worth to test or not ?
About the SSD, i think if i found a compatible controller, every disc will run on it so how it will survive on a old system like os9 ?
The HFS file system (or HFS+ ?) in first years of 2000 wasn't designed to support SSD issues like wear leveling but i remember about an article where there was a talk about some kind of technologies internal to the SSD itself in order to face up these problems and allow its greater survival. It is true or not ?
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Re: Various PCI Expansion
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 02:16:40 PM »
only very few SATA cards will work with mac - and if you ask me, in a G3 it doesnt really make sense.

with SSDs it is better but it not perfect; many newer models might not work at all or refuse to boot.

many of us here use EVO 840, i have not yet found a way how they would not work (fw, usb, ide, sata, different adapters)

the main advance with SSDs in OS9 machines is that the search time is fast, but you dont loose much connecting them using f.e. ATA 66
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Re: Various PCI Expansion
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2019, 01:32:42 AM »
Theoretically i should have an ide-sata adapter to try before buy a new sata card but i already know it will be painfully slow. Poor G3: it will make the end of a goose fed to make the pate  ::)