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Boot without the "Mac OS 9 Drivers"

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Hi, I tried on my Mac OS ROM for OS 9.2.2 on my Sawtooth. I think this hard drive with Mac OS 9 has a corrupted Apple_Driver partitions setup, so I figured I'd give this a shot. The patch seems to apply correctly. I still got the flashing '?' folder icon when I tried booting into Mac OS 9, though.

I know the ROM itself shouldn't be corrupted because I have the exact same copy on the original cloned hard drive, and that copy of Mac OS 9 does boot the usual way (with the Apple Drivers partitions). The partition maps between both drives are very different now though, with just the Mac OS 9 not booting on the current "problem" drive. Mac OS 9 did boot on this drive when originally cloned, though.

My particular problem might end up in its own forum topic, but I was wondering if anyone has gotten this patch to work on any other machine than the Mac Mini?

Also, when I tested, I did have both drives connected at the same time. Does this patch require the hard drive to be the 1st or the only connected drive?


Fun to see ELN cited in this blog post:


Brilliant! Thanks for doing this. I've often wondered what that driver was supposedly for and if there was a way around it.

When I got v9 of Ross' CD this was what jumped out at me most.

they day they included the HD driver right in the ROM file was when 37 new synapse were formed in my brain.


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