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> choose your favorite font, make a copy, rename it (or its contents) to "Sonata", reboot.

I strongly suspect that this topic is a big bore to most here, so let me start with a Tip about Fonts that might be useful to someone who arrived here by accident:

In OS 6, Apple Menu Items (then called Desk Accessories and Fonts needed to be in the System File. This was later eliminated, in OS 7, if I remember correctly. There was a utility called Font/DA Mover to do this. Even though unneeded, it continued to work even in OS 9.

And my tip is: if you held down the Option  Key before selecting your source or destination, Applications would become available  in addition to the System File. You could retrieve special fonts from games, for eg, and add them to the System File for use in a word processor. You could also embed a favorite font in an application, that would then be available on any computer it was copied to, even if the second computer did not have it installed.

Now to your suggestion:

NoteWriter's handling of both Sonata and text files was very primitive.

Open a new document in a word processor and type:   =    &   ?    w    h    q    s    r   (with spaces between characters)

and then copy that line and keep pasting it several rows down.  Then highlight one row at a time and change it to a music font:

For eg: Broadway Copyist, Engraver, Inkpen2, Jazz, Maestro, Opus, Petrucci, Reprise, Scriabin, Sonata

Finale and Sibelius may be able to use a number of them, but NoteWriter cannot handle the spacing differences.

I already mentioned that NoteWriter only uses noteheads and the program draws the stems, so trying to make them a bit wider, does not work, because the stem does not wind up at the edge of the note.

The nice thing about Sonata in NoteWriter (especially when reduced to say 60% when printing, is that NOTHING is bold enough, so my solution has been to export the file and "photoshop" it to make it bolder.

I would be delighted to exchange ideas with anybody that is still using NoteWriter privately.

This really is too esoteric for Mac OS 9 Lives!  This would be more suitable for  OS 6 Lives.  ;)


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