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Who experienced some work with "Notewriter" ? How does it compare to other Score Writing software ?

I was an original purchaser of the first version, that was released by a company called Passport.
There were a number of updates, and eventually a major upgrade to NoteWriter II.

The manuals were released in 3 ring binders, and  I still have the original printed materials.

This program was unique in that the music page was created as an engraver working on a plate would, with the exception that you didn't have to work in mirror image. You put everything on the page exactly where you wanted it, and it stayed there. NO automatic justification.

A major drawback was that it used ONLY the UGLY Adobe Sonata font.

Text for Vocal music was a bit problematic, but I did discover "workarounds"

This program is one of the reasons I still use OS 9 from time to time.

A sample of a choral piece made with NoteWriter II is attached.

Cool ... ! I do not find that Adobe Font very ugly  :o

>Cool ... ! I do not find that Adobe Font very ugly

By their very nature, PostScript fonts cannot look great at all sizes (even with Adobe "hinting":

For eg: if type serifs look great at very small sizes, they will be way too bold at large sizes, and serifs that look great at large sizes tend to disappear at small sizes.

Also, when the PostScript fonts came out, printers were 300 dpi and everything tended to look "bolder". The fonts were designed for these printers. When used with 600 dpi printers, and even more so with image setters, they are not bold enough. That is why reverse printing (white type on black background) is often so hard to read.

In general the Sonata font is simply not bold enough. I won't go into each symbol, but for eg: the Treble Clef is just too squat. Not tall enough. I altered it in the font I use, which should be noticeable if you compare the sample I u/l'ed with another sample using Sonata font. The look is not as bad at fairly large sizes, but at small sizes, that you might use in a pocket score noteheads are not wide enough.

I thought I would try widening them, only to discover that NoteWriter does not use a note with stem, but only the notehead, and the program draws the stem. This is so that the stem only goes as far as the beam it is attached too. If the notehead is widened the stem will not join it at the very edge.

I'm only answering your comment, and realize this will interest very few, and many may not agree.

choose your favorite font, make a copy, rename it (or its contents) to "Sonata", reboot.


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