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Digidesign Soft Sample Cell Software Sampler For Macintosh

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--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on January 20, 2014, 06:05:17 PM ---Can it be used inside protools Le? In the Be There demo, It says something about samplecell. There is also a samplecell hardware pci card.

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yes this is their attempt at recreating the functionality of the sample cell in a standalone "Software sampler" application i think?

this says it requires ilok but i think versions before 3.1 dont require ilok?
im trying to find a download for a version previous to 3.1 but not having much luck!

heres a pdf from 3.0

using samplecell libraries (article)

integrates with pt 5.x via direct connect

not to be confused with "Samplecell editor" which is a utility for the real hardware version samplecell card


--- Quote from: devils_advisor on January 19, 2014, 05:58:19 AM ---it comes along with the protools cd

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^^ duh;) i will double check this.. right now!

i just checked the 5.2.1 installer cd and its def not on there..
maybe the 5.1 "installer" or 5.1 "extras" disc?

just thoroughly checked both 5.1 install + extras..
definately not there!

compatibility on os9

article (april 2002 04/06/02)
MSRP for Soft SampleCell 3.1 is $ 345 US.

wierd! this document outlines the ilok authorization procedure which includes an i lok that has some type of slot that this microsd type license card gets inserted physically into the ilok???

info on its discontinuation
they give alternative suggestions: kontakt, intakt, kompakt, battery, sampletank, machfize, unity session, unity ds-1, unity player, stylus groove, atmosphere, trilogy, majestic, culture, candy, plugsound

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End of Development for SampleCell

January, 2003

Digidesign regrets to announce that Soft SampleCell and SampleCell II Editor will no longer be developed. This is because its older code base would require extensive redevelopment in order to support Mac OS X or Windows XP.

Soft SampleCell and the SampleCell Editor software are based on source code that originated in 1990 along with the unique SampleCell I/II series of sample playback cards. The older development tools used are not available in Mac OS X and Windows XP versions, and so "porting" this older code to support the newest operating systems would require a significant amount of development, with large sections needing to be rewritten. As this would be a very large effort, and there are many other ongoing projects to complete, we have decided to discontinue Soft SampleCell and SampleCell Editor development.

Understandably this is disappointing news for our SampleCell II and Soft SampleCell customers. We are very well aware of the need for good sample playback solutions on the Pro Tools platform and we would certainly prefer to offer a Digidesign product, however, for the reasons mentioned above this won't be the case. While neither SampleCell nor Soft SampleCell editors will run under Mac OS X's "Classic" mode, Digidesign is actively working with our Development Partners to provide excellent alternatives on OS X and Windows XP in the near future, such as Native Instruments' Kontakt and IK Multimedia's SampleTank, (already available for RTAS on Win XP).

Soft SampleCell for Mac OS 9 will also continue to be available for purchase via Digidesign's website and local dealers.
--- End quote ---

would be cool if this thing could turn up sometime
but i think it hasnt shown up because it requires an ilok
ive never seen any for sale either


does anyone have a working copy of Soft Samplecell?
is this freeware now?
this document says it requires a 'key disk" to run and then mentions a bunch of
3rd party floppy replacements:
Imation SuperDisk,
Newer Tech Udrive, or
VST Floppy Drive (model FDUSB-M)


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