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"midi quest for macintosh" anyone have?

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based on the below info im guessing it woudl be midi quest 5 / 6  or 7 that is for mid-90s powerpcs; and 8+9 for macos 8/9 ??

the backups frm 1997 show "midi quest for macintosh v4.0" around that time (1997)
this page shows midi quest 7 was for win95/win98 + win3.1
mentions the proteus 2000 which came out in 1999, so must be from that time;
doesnt say much but must be from early 2000s
mentions Tiger/Leopard/Snow Leopard so obviously was from way later on in the 2000s
this page says it was released in 2004 for os9.2

--- Quote ---July 9, 2004
Sound Quest is now shipping Midi Quest 9.1 ($199) and Midi Quest XL ($299) for Macintosh OS X and OS 9.

Midi Quest 9.1 and Midi Quest XL for Macintosh both include support for over 600 instruments from more than 60 different manufacturers and feature a collection of tools to backup, create, edit, organize and tweak the settings of your synthesizers, effects units, drum machines and other MIDI devices.

Midi Quest 9.1 features advanced graphic parameter editors, drag and drop bank organization, integrated hierarchical parent/child relationships, creation of Cubase Patch name scripts and Sonar/Cakewalk master.ins name files (for networked Windows machines), 5 types of intelligent patch creation/randomization, descriptive tags and queries, and ships with over 70,000 unique patches.

Midi Quest XL includes all of the features of Midi Quest 9.1 and adds a collection of advanced features including: creation of XML patch name documents, Midi Quest VST plug-in version with parameter automation, patch name servers to automatically create XML name documents, name scripts, and master.ins files, batch tools for automated SysX File conversion, and all the tools necessary to build and customize your own instrument modules.

Midi Quest 9.1 and Midi Quest XL are now currently available for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms and all data files and instrument modules are cross platform compatible.

For more information, visit their web site at
--- End quote ---

Holy moly,
I saw it in an archive yesterday and thought "meh, I have a newer version" g'damn!
I'll retrace my steps ;)

*edit* scratch that, it was an Atari or Amiga version :(

id really like to find this and investigate its usefullness compared to sound diver + unisyn
i found this list of instrument support in v9:

--- Quote ---Instrument Support for Midi Quest 9, Midi Quest XL, and UniQuest

The following is a list of manufacturers with MIDI instruments and devices supported by Midi Quest XL, Midi Quest 9 and UniQuest 9.
Click on any instrument highlighted in blue for more information on that instrument's Editor/Librarian
midiquest features:

--- Quote ---Midi Quest Basics
Supports Macintosh OS X v10.2 and higher and OS 9.2
Save / Load  all instrument data to/from disk
Supports all MIDI instrument/device data types Including patches, banks combis, multis, rhythm, system, etc.
Save & Load all types of SysX data
Librarian Drivers support 500+ instruments
Solo Quest supports only one instrument
Open an unlimited number of Banks, Groups, DBases, and Libraries
3 types of MIDI THRU rechannelization
Hands-off automated control of your patch bay
Export SysX in MIDI file, MIDIX/Cakewalk, and Text formats
Easy Internet - transmit MIDIX format files to your instruments
Unique online "Fast Tips" Help simplifies MIDI communication
Configurable file extension & directory for each instrument
Desktop Load/Save - store and retrieve entire screen layouts
Supports 32 individual MIDI ports
"File Linking" allows many files to use the same data
Bank Editors
All of the organization and editing commands you'll ever need
5 Types of intelligent patch randomization
Automated transfer of patches into patch libraries
Save Bank names to Cakewalk's Track Parameters window
Patch Editors
Custom designed editors
Simultaneously open an unlimited number of different editors
Advanced graphic editing with all the tools you need
Randomize, Restore, or Copy & Paste any combination of parameters
All edits are immediately sent to the instrument
Easy to use "Grab and Drag" editing or direct numeric entry
Floating Editors - make your own mini-editors, take them outside the program frame and place them over a sequencer for interactive editing
VNRPN - Virtual Non-Registered Parameter Numbers allow you to assign any controller to any parameter in an editor for remote control editing
Optional numeric display for graphic parameters
Pop-up window for extended parameter selection
Instrument specific help for each editor
Create/Modify editors with Tech Quest
Combi/Multi editors show names of patches being selected
Provides integration between each  type of SysX data allowing you to treat an instrument as a whole
Think of a Set as a virtual representation of your instrument's memory
Offers intelligent integrated Parent/Child hierarchical editing
Store sounds and banks from different MIDI devices together in one file
Create and restore complete MIDI System "Snapshot" with one click
Extensive set of editing and organizational tools
Make a master listing of all of your instrument's patches
each library can hold a virtually unlimited number of patches
Open an unlimited number of Libraries
Find all duplicates (with or without matching names)
Automated intelligent keyword assignment
Keyword sensitive auditioning - audition sequence is sensitive to the type of sound being played)
Find similar sounds or patches
Add descriptive comments to each sound
Add identifying keywords to quickly find specific types of patches
Sort sounds 3 ways including alphabetically
Extensive set of editing and organizational tools
Sound Checker
Comprehensive sound auditioning tools for sound development/auditioning
Standard MIDI File Sequencer plays Type 0 and Type 1 files
All functions are active while playing
Complete Graphic MIDI Systems Analysis
Trigger custom defined notes, chords and arpeggios
Instrument Creator and File Conversion
Add your own Instrument Librarian and Bank Editor support
Import files stored in other Editor/Librarian formats
Other Goodies
Ships on CD ROM with the following benefits...
Includes an extensive patch collection of over 70,000 unique patches along with other SysX data
Not copy protected with easy to use program installer
Dedicated Technical Support email and support line
New and updated instrument support available for download
Can read data files from DOS, Mac, Amiga and Atari versions of Midi Quest
Easy upgrades to Midi Quest XL (from Midi Quest.)
Hardware Requirements / Software Compatibility
MIDI interface: any MIDI interface supported by OS X or OMS in OS 9
Minimum hardware: G4 with 128MB RAM, 60 MB hard drive space
Suggested hardware: G4 with 256MB RAM, 80MB HD space
Software: OS X 10.2 or OS 9.2
--- End quote ---
v9 features:
XL features:
--- End quote ---

trying to find a real macos9 screenshot but all i can find is 10.2 screenshots such as this:

i found this link:
which reveals the file architecture on the server; albeit the links dont actually work for the particular backup; but for others it does
investigating it led me to find these pages:

now the normal demo download page links to a cgi-bin url which obviously wont work unless on a working online server;
but the NOW page has a direct link which links to a different subdomain entirely:

which gave me the url: **seems to be for OSX not os9

here we can browse files backedup from the domain:*/*

but if i right-click "Save" this ^^ html file examining the source code shows this slightly different url:

trying to come up with gold.. havent quite done it but
the features did say that the modules were cross-compatible between os?
not sure if thats true but they do have an online ftp server up at

unfortunately the v9 link doesnt seem to work anymore:
they must have deactivated purposely the v9 login, because the ftp link for v11 works just fine:

cant find the os9 version.. if anyone has.. please share..
perhaps its bundled with the osx version? not sure?
these directories are wide open, not sure if these are updates or working versions??

the downloads page ( ) links to:
but no macos9 love:(

OMG was this ever released into the open?

there was a scene release for X but not for 9.

it is complete crap, like cubase SX 1.x or worse, and i can second everything the person said here:

however they later supported iOS which was a unique feature at that time, and if anything makes sense on iOS then it is editors for hardware.


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