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Picture sorting viewing and changing filetype


I have been using Graphic Converter (GKON) for many years on every platform since the 1400 Powerbook and every OS since 8.1 through Mojave. I view and sort move and change images, scanning every HD connected, more than 20,000 images. Version 3.6 runs on OS9. Contact the designer first to get the older versions at
GKON has a complete user manual.
The advantage of this app is that it does not make a database of the pictures. It builds a current file listing from your drives, so it is always current and cannot be damaged. It is not a picture editor, though it can do many things to your picture, but it accesses external editors like PS to do the work.
I wouldn't be without it.
Here is a screen shot showing folder hierarchy. For users with FITS and IVUE files the browser will show a thumbnail.


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