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Photography The Creation of multilayered/montage pictures in OS9

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I am a professional photography, weddings mostly and I often find that even the latest Affinity Pro on High Sierra and Mojave platforms have difficulty in preparing silhouettes, which is an essential tool for wedding photographs. Lightroom can't fo it it nor many flavors of photoshop.  I have tried just aboutt every photo editing software that runs on Mac.
But my old OS9 computers can produce beautiful high quality multilayered pictures of any size and resolution. I just finished a portrait that had more than 20 layers and was over 500 MB in size on an OS9  platform that had only 200MB of memory assigned to the application.
 I was able to separate the white dress of the bride from the white background, and substitute a different background. I added many layers of softening and sharpness, distortion and cloning, and a dozen color correction layers to prepare the final 'print.'
The beauty of the application is that it works in a 48 bit color depth using any color space you want, so the edits are smooth and invisible. You can't tell where the edits were made.
I have tried to use Adobe PS and CS products, and Affinity Pro but the pictures are just not convincing. I can tell where the edits were made. LR and NX2 and all other photo editors are really single image editors, so a multi layer montage of some five photos all of different resolutions and size, and different  lighting conditions is not possible with most of them.

I completed another wedding last week and took more than 1000 pictures plus video and sound. The formal pictures were all done using my OS9 application on a Tiger platform using classic.
For those of you who are artists and like using brushes for your correction work, this app is  a joy to use. All edits are brushed in, and you can brush in blur and sharpness on the same layer, so you can smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and sharpen the eyes at the same time, and no-one can see your edits. You can color correct the flowers, say, without affecting the nearby tones and you never have to make any selections (walking ants.)
To make a silhouettes there is no need to click around the subject to cut it out. When you paste in in to the new background it is a seamless transition.

And did I say it was totally non-destructive, and that you can go back to a picture you made ten years ago and continue editing where you left off?

The application was created by John Sculley's Company with support from Kodak. It sold for $4800 when the product launched, and every creative photo editor just had to have it. I bought it at $300 many years later after the Company went out of business. But the designers of the software kept updating it for a small group of professional photographers whose works sold for sometimes thousands of $.

For painters of light, who want to make astonishing art, this is an incredible application. It will run in 64 MB of memory and handle picture up to a gigabyte in size. It is very fast opening in 2 seconds on my G4 Tiger computer.
It has a built in filter editor which allows you to make clouds, skies water and all sort of special effects using their canned filters and modifying them.

Here is an example of what it can do.

I may have missed it but what's the application called? I do a lot of image editing on OS9 and this sounds very useful.

hehe, i was just about to ask the same.

any when went john scully´s company (apple) out of business?

I am sending you a manual on Live Picture. Have a look and see if you would want to learn how to use it.

there very recently was an answer to your old post. maybe the person is still interested.

i cant even tell you offhand if i have livepicture in my applications collection, if i have ever installed it, i could have underestimated it (because i would have probably compared it to photoshop with hundreds of third party filters)


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