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What is the real cpu limitation? could a new CPU Upgrade come out in the future?

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when i am not wrong, the dual 1.6 from sonnet also supports the pre-quicksilvers.

the single 1.7 encore works fine in a sawtooth. (for the duals you eventually have to overclock the bus speed(?), but the encore st works out of the box)

however, if you want a fast as possible computer you should not ask which case design looks better. take an MDD and put in a custom case and all is good. :)

and if it is all about clock speed, the quicksilver has the fastest option.

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4000 HP in a beetle chassis!

So I asked 68kMLA, and they said that there's currently no community PCB design out there for a G4 processor board, and no board designs from old commercial board upgrades that anyone's released. So I've took it upon myself to do it, since I was already in the early stages of another hardware RE for something else. If I make any progress on that, I'll be sure to share the gerber files. I have the 7455, just picked it up today, so that's one component down already. The folks over there even gave me a partial checklist to refer to.

Modern CPU upgrades for the PowerPC Mac's? That be cool. It would make some hard to find upgrades more acessable. In addition, we could also make some new upgrades that weren't thought of back then. For example, making a G4 upgrade card for a 68k mac or making a replica sonnet harmoni g3 but with a G4 CPU or even a G5 upgrade to the eMac. Those would be cool.


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