Author Topic: can you imagine Classic Mac OS running native on an Intel CPU?  (Read 1121 times)


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i think i remember reading that the star trek project existed far before the release or precedence of OS X.
it just gives me chills to think that somewhere someone has a fully functional classic mac os 8.6 running on intel cpu
if they started doing this in 1992 then they must have had os8.6 running on a PII and os running on a PIII;
do you think Steve jobs ran Mac on intel for his own personal use? :)
^^heres the article that gave me a bit of chills;

irwindale xeon had landed in february 2005 90nm technology
the name xeon was not new it had been around since 1998
what was so different about irwindale then?
was it the clock speeds approach to almost at 4ghz? or the 800mhz FSB? or maybe it was the first cpu to use DDR2 RAM? (not sure if thats true? just guessing? nope just checked ddr2 was out in 2003)

i guess i can look at the wwdc speech from 2004 to see what he was saying then
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
he discuesses cpus clock speeds at 11:11
June 6, 2005: Apple announces its plans to switch to Intel processors

why did they choose that time to make the switch? what intel cpu had just come out in june 2005?
i always like to think that it was intel core that was the deciding factor
but really it was the Pentium D that had just been released in May 2005;
but in reality it was probably the early XEON that sealed the deal (early xeons is an area i know very little about)
heres a chart comparing: Intel Xeon P4 Irwindale

a friend of mine just skyped me the other nigth talking about how he made a new hackintosh running leopard on a pentium D and hes suprised with its performance.

intel themselves admit they rushed the Pentium D to market

looking back at the G5's 970 cpu series
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