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TheAlpha Text Editor
« on: June 06, 2019, 07:41:04 PM »
 Alpha is a Shareware Macintosh text editor:

cant seem to find the download to the macos9 version of this
because it links to a ftp which the backup server doesnt touch (hate that)

ok i think i found it here:
this ftp has lots of text editing related goodies on it
This is version 7.2 of Alpha, a completely customizable and programmable
text editor especially tuned to handle source code, LaTeX, and HTML files.
Alpha is:

New features:
o new Latex, HTML, and Java modes
o expanded syntax coloring
o new modular reorganization of Tcl code
o One or two other enhancements and fixes.

And the standard blurb:

o Powerful. Alpha uses Dr. Ousterhout's Tool Command Language (Tcl) as a
scripting language. Tcl is rapidly becoming a popular extension language
over many different hardware platforms.
o Customizable. Any function or keystroke sequence can be bound to any key,
menus are completely user-specified and modifiable.
o Emacs-ish. Alpha supports many of the key bindings and central concepts
of GNU Emacs. It is not a port, however, and uses a Tcl instead of LISP
as an extension language.
o Multi-modal. Alpha supports mode-specific:
keyword colorizing
Alpha currently has over 20 different modes, including modes for the
following languages: Ada, C, C++, Fortran, HTML, Java, Pascal, Perl,
Postscript, Scheme, SQL, Tcl, and TeX (including both LaTeX and LaTeX2e).
o Interoperable. Alpha allows user scripts to build and send arbitrary
AppleEvents. Currently, the default configuration of Alpha inter-operates
with several different compilers, including CodeWarrior and Symantec C/C++,
several LaTeX implementations, including OzTeX, DirectTeX, and Textures
(although Textures' AppleEvent support is currently very weak), and several
other applications, such as MacPerl, BibTeX, Excalibur, the ToolServer, and
o Native on the PowerMac.
o Uses the latest Apple technologies, such as Drag and Drop, and AEGizmos.
o Uses Ramon Felciano's Mercutio menu definition routines.
o Internet Config-aware.

Alpha is ShareWare