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We need a subfolder to diferentiate Mac OS 9 working cards or in progress of work with know OS X only cards.

The new posts from Chris covering ALL PCI know cards are not helping to clear the landscape of OS 9 or PowerPC Mac OS X cards IMHO.

i cant comment on the content because i dont see it, but i see those 35+ new threads from the last 2 weeks and i can feel your pain.

the biggest problem is that there might be also the one or other useful information between, so that you can not just delete everything which is off topic - at least not before reading though all of it. :)

btw how easy or not easy is it in this forum software to merge and split threads?


--- Quote from: IIO on June 04, 2019, 11:08:56 AM ---
btw how easy or not easy is it in this forum software to merge and split threads?

--- End quote ---

For me as moderator is easy. I have merged 2 topics about MacsBug, one from me and the latest from 777, just as example.

The thing is that only Jerry can make subfolders. Once the folder is make, Mac OS X PCI cards I can move folders/merge topics

Protools5LEGuy:,1924.0.html a,k,a. the quest for (cheap) 64bit sata *os9 bootable* is mostly about seritek 2se4 family, just like the latest,5048.0.html a.k.a Firmtek 2SE4 (Sil3124 chipset) and if that werent enought we have,4999.0.html a.k.a. silicon image pb3124 - sata 300 speed for powermac g4 about a PC clone to be flashed...

My intuition says me that I should merge those 3 and take them to a folder of work in progress or Mac OS X folder.

By the way, thanks Daniel and refinery for your efforts

I should do a poll about merging all the rest of his new posts aside the seritek2se4/ silicon image pb3124 ones.

I mean,,825.0.html a.k.a. the search for sata-os9 bootable firmware+card combination should have all those Silicon Image 3112/3152 posts and the promise+marvell+VIA chipsets included.

Just another idea to try to make things clearer.


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