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PCI DDK (Driver Development Kit)
« on: June 03, 2019, 07:21:17 AM »

Apple has two PCI DDKs.
One for Mac OS 9 ndrv drivers and
one for Mac OS X Kext IOKit drivers.

PCI DDK 1.1.1 Mac OS X (DMG)
10.0 MB   2002-05-01
This DDK (Driver Development Kit) will enable you to create Mac OS X Kext (kernel) drivers for PCI cards. Documentation, Samples, and Tools to get you started are included. To create OpenFirmware FCode drivers, please use the existing Tokenizer on the PCI DDK for Mac OS 9.
PCI_DDK_1.0.1_Mac_OS_X.dmg.bin                     25-Apr-2002 05:00            10485888
PCI_DDK_1.1.1_Mac_OS_X.dmg.bin                     01-May-2002 05:00            10485888
PCI_DDK_3.0.sit.hqx                                14-Mar-2001 06:00             3250251

PCI Driver

Summary:  This folder contains information
on designing PCI cards and drivers for the
PCI-based Power Macintosh CPUs, such as the
Power Macintosh 7200/7500/8500/9500 computers. 

This version of the DDK contains updated
samples, newer headers and libraries, a new
tokenizer, an update document to augment
Designing PCI Cards and Drivers, for Power
Macintosh Computers, and an updated version
of the PCI Binding document (version 1.5) . 
It should replace older versions of the DDK.
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Re: PCI DDK (Driver Development Kit)
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2019, 04:00:32 AM »

During development, a developer may want to confirm that the expansion ROM on a plug in PCI card is present and accessible. Dumping out the expansion ROM using the Open Firmware User Interface or Display Name Registry and PCI Peek under Traditional Mac OS is an easy way to confirm the ROMs existence and contents.

This Technote describes two techniques for reading the contents of a PCI expansion ROM. The first technique uses various Open Firmware words in the Open Firmware User Interface. The second technique uses Display Name Registry, PCI Peek, and MacsBug to read an expansion ROM from the Traditional Mac OS. PCI Peek and Display Name Registry are available as part of the PCI DDK.

Reading an expansion ROM from Mac OS X or from the Classic environment under Mac OS X is not covered in this Technote.

This Note is directed mainly at developers of PCI plug in cards for Traditional Mac OS.

Reading an expansion ROM from Traditional Mac OS
To dump an expansion ROM using the Traditional Mac OS, you'll need 3 tools: Display Name Registry, PCIPeek, and MacsBug.
"The source code for the "PCIPeek" app is available in the PCI DDK.
"Display Name Registry" can also be found in the "PCI 3.0 DDK"
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