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Ultratek/33 (1999)
« on: May 29, 2019, 03:03:34 AM »
Until the last few years, the only way to expand the storage capabilities of the Macintosh was to use expensive SCSI controllers, hard drives and peripherals, or utilize the motherboard's fixed IDE controller. This was until FirmTek developed the world's first ATA/EIDE host adapter solution for the Macintosh.

The UltraTek™/33 was introduced to an eager market in 1999, and garnered several accolades including MacWorld Editor's Choice for "Best Storage Hardware." With UltraTek/33 began FirmTek's tradition of enabling Macintosh users to expand beyond the motherboard's fixed IDE controller and utilize the latest ATA/EIDE drives and peripherals along with the latest ATA high-speed interface technologies.

no photos found yet of a card that is labeled as a ultratek/33
may have never been released to public

TurboMAX/ATA-33 is the retail equivalent (which was acard aec-6210)

or it could be similar to the Promise Ultra33 card (which was PDC20246)
this card dates back to 1997
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