Author Topic: Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA (SiI3112 chipset, 1S2 Clone)  (Read 526 times)

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Re: Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA (SiI3112 chipset, 1S2 Clone)
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2019, 01:57:55 PM »
1000% made by FT. Sonnet just sold them. It's not a "clone", it's genuine FT card.
The difference is merely the color of the PCB, done in magenta (or what you would call it) instead of red - to please Sonnet.

And of course it has the correct capacitor on the PCB, so Quicksilver can sleep in peace, as designed.
Without kernel panic in macOS-X or crash in MacOS 9.x

The REALLY-REALLY bad clone is this:

- Bad capacitors, the seller does not even know, what did hit him, I mean, the poor Quicksilver / Digital Audio. They just "don't work" does he say.
Lucky buyer, at least the seller tells the truth. What's the problem he has no idea.

- Hehe, that card has a SIM! To bad, AFAIK only one person wrote the SIM for the Silicon Image 3112. Could be that card pirated?!? Ouch.
But sure, it costs less, than the original!

And if anyone would write a SIM (SCSI Interface Module) for MacOS 9, that procedure takes some time.
And during that time the involved engineer probably would discover, that most manufacturers do not make the card to the spec of the Silicon Image and on Quicksilver + Digital Audio Mac it's broken. And than he would try to either convince the manufacturer or find the one who does it right.

So the one on eBay is most likely just straight pirated from Sonnet or FT. At least if they pirate, they have to do it right... :(
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