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FutureBASIC disks, manuals, guides


The Rook:
Years ago I had a program called FutureBASIC for developing applications on the Mac.  I'm trying to find the disks, manuals, and guides for this application but have not had much luck.

I know that the application is available over on, but I'm looking for the physical disks and books.

The only book I've been able to find is Learning FutureBASIC: Macintosh BASIC Power by L. Frank Turovich, which I also owned years ago.

I'm pretty sure I had the 1st version of the application and it came with 2 black books, one being a reference manual and the other being a handbook or guide showing examples I believe.  It also came with a smaller white book that was basically a getting started guide.

I've search eBay and the internet and can't even find pictures of these books or the disks.

Am I the only one that used and remembers this program?


I should have read the entire post first, it's clear this is not what you're after.


I'm not sure about FutureBasic 1, but I do know that FutureBasic 2 came with tons of examples and I believe very comprehensive documentation too... if that's too any help.

However if you mean "FutureBasic" that integrates with MacOS, I don't think there ever was but you were refered to Inside Mac like for everyother language.

The Rook:
I'm looking for anything associated with FutureBASIC.  The books, the disks.

I just don't see anything out there.

Saw this while doing an internet search and couldn't resist.

FutureBASIC is still around (to the best of my knowledge) but grabbing the original disks and docs will definitely be a challenge. As the author of the original FutureBASIC docs and the self-published Learning FutureBASIC volumes (Macintosh BASIC Power, The Toolbox) I'm not sure they would be useful anymore except as nostalgia.

You can visit for the latest information on FutureBASIC and its FB2C conversion software. FB6 appears to be a free download so there is that. Haven't played around with the tools since the mid-90s but occasional checks show some progress is still being made on them.

As to the docs, I have my personal copies of both the original blue and later black versions but not interested in parting with them. They are part of my library of completed works I've done over the years. The LFB books are still listed on Amazon but since they point to me as the supplier I must admit I no longer have any to share. They were abandoned in one of my many moves since leaving Zedcor to pursue other opportunites.

I've left the technical writing field and am pursuing a fiction writing career, something I've always wanted to do. You can find my stories on your favorite ebook distribution sites.

Best of luck in your search.

// l frank turovich

What is last version of FutureBasic to Mac OS 9?


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