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New to Classic Video Editing (Media 100 interface)


Hi there, so I got a quicksilver machine recently and I have it all setup with OS9 for music, however along with the purchase (system was running OSX) it came with this and the interface card

I have an older Sawtooth 450mhz that I was using before upgrading to the QS 867mhz..  and I have moved the card over to the sawtooth and put 10.4.x on it and managed to find the s/n that came with the unit and now i'm running Media 100 8.1.1. 

As far as I can all is right in the world, except, I was never around high end video equipment of that time..  I know S-VHS which fortunately this supports, but the other ports, component are more unusual and composite. 

Isn't composite the "yellow" port we see in most older tvs?  The thing that's weird about this and has me questioning that is that the port is that "push in and twist".. normally when i think composite it's just an RCA.. 

is there a better technical name i can use than "push in and twist" connector? :)

figuring out what kind of gear I could get to interface with this is my question.  I have one of those Mini DVD burning camcorders that has means to output to a TV and i figure that would be fine, but that weird lock/twist interface is concerning..

I might look into S-VHS devices.. I have a VCR that has it.. but no recording equipment that could plug straight into this.  Just trying to see how to work with what I have..

This also has me mildly rethinking that I was about to take a few CRT TVs to the dump... might hold on to one of them to use as a monitor with my setup.. 

So yea any tips / advice on this stuff?  I do happen to have x2 external 32gb SCSI 2 hard drives as well but they are noisy (ok SSD has me spoiled) but can i just use internal IDE for basic capture playback or should i really be leveraging those external drives?  I'm not likely to be doing any heavy projects that would require more than a few minutes (making music videos perhaps) of footage. 

My sawtooth has x2 internal IDE drives as is.. I forget the sizes.  For the time being they are still HDD.. i haven't gone SSD with the Sawtooth, but I did with the QS. 

ok BNC is the term.  I found this:!02368!US!-1

something like this would work fine right?  just the one end to the interface and the other to any normal (yellow) composite device be it recording in or playing out. 

Having answered some of my own questions now and I ordered two of those cables so i can make sure recording in / playback out is good..

I'm VERY interested in the component interface..  I don't think I've ever seen any recording equipment with this.  Any idea what kind of gear would support this and is it worth hunting around to find anything that would or is it basically

Obviously I'm not looking for things to look superior in quality given the digital HD age we are in now..  I'm looking for something more lo-fi and maybe even a hint of warm / analog (but yes i know this is still digital).. 

I'm just new to all this and I imagine I'll kinda fumble my way through some of it, but I'd love anyone's insight / wisdom / experience with this era of technology.



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