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SampleCell II Plus TDM

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--- Quote from: Blzproductions on May 10, 2019, 05:57:11 AM ---Hi

"Why would you remove a card" I hear you ask... well I'm running Turbosynth and need a AM III card to handle the diffuser DSP requirement, so have to slim down due to insufficient card slots. (SampleCell fails with the AMIII card installed as well)

--- End quote ---

could you please elaborate on the "Diffuser DSP" thing? I plan to run a Samplecell 2 (non TDM Board/late revision) alongside Turbosynth with either an mbox or a MOTU FW-Interface.

The diffuser is kind of building block for making reverb. It only runs when you've got a Digidesign card with a 56k DSP on it, like AudioMedia or ProTools, in addition to the SampleCell.

I got an AudioMedia II partially to use it, and I can't say I've run it much. I've not really got stuck in with it, but it doesn't seem to do anything interesting to the sound. Maybe if you run a couple in parallel with some delays etc. maybe you could make a tinny sounding reverb. It's not some amazing high-end sample mangler, unfortunately.

Very much optional, though in my case it being a single card means I can run ProTools alongside the SamleCell in a Quadra 700, for four-track hard disk recording. Pretty sweet.


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