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Got a slightly weird one with my ProTools rig.
I have TDM Mix 3 system with an additional SampleCell II Plus with the TDM card.
In this configuration, if I run Digitest all is well with the world and everything passes.
If I take either of the Mix Farm cards out (ie. Mix 2), the SampleCell card fails the Digitest due to TDM Transmission failure.

"Why would you remove a card" I hear you ask... well I'm running Turbosynth and need a AM III card to handle the diffuser DSP requirement, so have to slim down due to insufficient card slots. (SampleCell fails with the AMIII card installed as well)

I have a expansion chassis, but the SampleCell is too early a revision to run in it :-(

Anyway... Any ideas why I might be getting this error for any config less than MIX3?

when you remove a farm card, are you moving the other cards over or are you leaving 'empty' slots?

I'm removing a card, and then arranging so the slot order/config is correct.

'diffuser'  i got it to work with a digidesign accelerator and a nubus system.  Whist the icon was available with an AudioMedia card, on a G4, it ever actually effected the sound.   Are you sure it is doing anything with your AM card anyway?

Yes the AM card works with Turbosynth just fine.
You have to set it up in the Turbosynth config, but then the diffuser function works fine.

Despite the SampleCell TDM card failing the digitest, it seems to work fine in practise.
Turbosynth loads tye sample into SampleCell, and then plays it out via the ProTools interface.


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