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Flightcheck 5.52 Update needed


Does anybody have the update of Markzwares Flightcheck Professional 5.5 to 5.52? Or a download link perhaps? I obtained the latest version for Mac OS 9 (and Win and X) but it crashes badly here at a 10.4 machine after the installation. I couldnīt find the updater from 2005 anywhere for download. Just some press releases. Also I do not know if there is a extra updater version for Mac OS 9 or not.

quark 4.11 plug-in?

Are you asking if "Flightcheck" is a XPress plugin? If so, no it always was a standalone preflight program.

The update from 5.5 to 5.52 that I would need, was a free one from 2005. The program itselve (version 7.92 I think) is still in production for recent systems (6.8 and above).


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