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Obscure Video/Audio digital device. Anyone know if this thing is cool?

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So I got this device, but I can't find anything online about it.  Here are some pictures.

I think the thing is called "media 100" but i'm not sure.  It is this weird power strip looking video in / out that goes to a large dedicated video card inside that's also pretty beefy looking.

the external device

what the card looks like from the back of the G4

inside what the monster card looks like


Best guess, it's an A/V interface designed to work with the M100 editing system. That's an A/V editor like Final Cut, Adobe Premier etc.
It was/is (like all things pro video) a very expensive bit of hardware in a very vertical market.
Some info below…

I see, I'd not heard of M100 before, but I did see some modern software that was video related.  I just thought it's interesting that it has this massive card inside.. like it's not just a simple interface item like a midi in/out or something..   it has some (i can only assume) decent stuff (for the time) on that card inside. 

Or maybe the card inside.

I'll contact M100 support and see if maybe they have the inside scoop on this.  It made me think of the old Amiga days with the video Toaster.  However this interface is only one A/V source in and one A/V source out.  Thanks! 


Not really that obscure. Was just as big as Pro Tools TDM was on the audio side (but for video editing of course) back in the 90's and early 00's before Final Cut made the entrance.

I used Media 100 quite a bit back in the early 00's to edit programs for a local TV station.
Rock solid system, never missed a beat. Would love to have one around to mess with :)

You can grab media 100 free of charge these days including Boris red. That breakout box is a p6000 junction and the card is a media 100 i. Software wise the last sources was a server in Germany but they purged recently the storage. Should be good to version 8 but it's serial is hardware bound. You can indeed contact the guy from media 100 and he can relay your request but you need the software installed and give him the number to generate a serial. The top of the line was a XR system with real time option (another card).


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