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Sawtooth w/Sonnet G4 1ghz - unstable OS9

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Hi all,

I posted this over at 68kmla, but figured more eyes the better.

I had a bone stock Sawtooth G4/128/10gb/Rage 128. Popped in a Sonnet Encore (new old stock) 1ghz, 1000mb/120gb SSD/Radeon 9000. It boots 10.4.11 flawless. Can run games, video encoding, browsing, you name it. Zero issue.

Try to boot OS 9.2.2, and its flaky as eff. Freezes on the happy Mac screen half the time, 1-2 more reboots it'll make it into the OS enough where I can start moving things around, and perhaps try and launch a game, then it hard locks.

I've reduced the hardware back to stock, but left the G4 1ghz in, and basically have the same issue. My gut is to blame the CPU, but the only issue with that, is why does 10.4 run like a champ? You'd figure a bad CPU would be a bad CPU across the board.

I've made sure the firmware is the latest on the G4, 4.28/4.2.8 I can't exactly remember. There's no extensions or firmware patch for the Encore ST, but I did try applying the one for the Cresendo G4, no change. Reset PRAM, reset PMU, etc.. same thing.

Again, I want to blame CPU but I can't fathom why 10.4 works without issue.

Any ideas? This was an install of 9.2.2 done with the universal CD floating around, and I did try the 9.2 copy offered on here that works on unsupported Macs. Results are the same. OS9 is basically unusable due to the hard freezes.


Seems to be several Sonnet upgrades popping up ‘round here lately.

You might want to pop your old processor back in (and assuming that you have OS 9.2.2 on another HD partition / or an additional separate HD)… then do a clean install of OS 9.2.2 with that original processor back in. THEN install the required Sonnet software, drivers, extensions, etc. (necessary for the Sonnet under OS 9) on that HD or partition - so that when the Sonnet is back in the machine all should then be hunky-dory.

I've forgotten which goes first, the Sonnet or the Sonnet software(s). Reading instructions can help. There is a specific order and instructions for OS upgrades. AND there’s also the question of which extension or firmware patch is necessary for your Encore. (I think I have a Crescendo running downstairs.)

If you’ve already tried all of this, nevermind. ::)

OS 10.4 may “already work” because of “considerations” made by Apple during the later builds/releases of OS X.

And if the above suggestion does not work… other “voices” will undoubtedly chime in here, very soon. ???

Here’s that Sonnet Encore installation pdf. complete with all the little-bitty details:

And of course, you’ve seen and read this attachment?

Sawtooth isnt a ZIF machine. not sure if that firmware is still applicable.

Good catch and a good point… however, the install / upgrade process is still very similar.
The Crescendo (ZIF) here is in a 9500 and there’s an ST/G4 in a Quicksilver here too.  ;)


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