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Mac OS9Lives Budget...

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OK, So here we are again...

Time for Web-hosting renewal, Domain Renewal, & Go-Daddy online storage renewal; damn time flies fast

Any Paypal support for the forum is greatly appreciated, it's been a crazy year :)

Paypal: jvbonanno@aol.com

- Diehard

Wow you guys are awesome in 11 days we are 70% funded; I am so amazed and happy !   

Now the wife can't say "why do you spend so much time on that site it only costs you money..."

Of course I always reply:

--- Quote ---"The site was made for people without a big budget, you really can't understand what it is about, but your hair looks so beautiful today, here is $50, go get you nails done and relax honey"
--- End quote ---
=> Diehard make another cup of coffee, eats some junk food, and relishes in the solitude...

Someone's gotta get that to 100%. The email I received said to disregard if you've donated before. So I didn't. Should I though?

I just sent you some. I've gotten more out of this site than any, ever, I think.

This is good news  :)
I have no idea what it costs to maintain this place, so I sent you something out of the blue. Hopefully it was of any help. Since this place here saved me a ton (because I didn't had to buy a new Mac), I don't regard this as spending, but as actually saving money. May OS9 live forever!  -afro-


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