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OS9 UI sounds in recent music release...
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:41:20 AM »
I think that just belongs here...

an excerpt:

A lot of the source material for my sound design comes from obsolete technologies, mainly FMV games and VSTs designed for PowerPC which can be had freely nowadays as long as you’re willing to slog through the trash UI of the majority of the era’s software. This has resulted in the physical space I record in being cluttered with the old hardware necessary to make everything work and which, being as cheap as it is now, has quickly grown into something very much like a hoarder stash when combined with the drawers of burner phones and adapter cables I’d already built up in my life to that point. All of this ends up being expressed as part of the music created in some form or another, be it a song (“Well Tempered” from SCIVIAS is composed mainly of OS 9 UI sounds) or a video (the video for “Carbon Cathedral” from the same album was made out of some Blender flythroughs on an old Thinkpad) or, you know, an album on a burner phone.
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