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Looking for NativeInstrument file "registration tool" for EWQLSO Gold Edition

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on this weekend I had a total crash of my system harddisk and it took me three days to get almost everything working again. People, make backups!!!!!!!
Also it was a big help to have some stuff downloaded from here. It is good to be a part of this wonderful community. (Also I want to support with a little donation via paypal all your work. Thanks especially to DieHard!)

Beside this: I am looking for a little Native-Instrument app called "registration tool" for their VSTinstrument "EWQLSO Gold Edition". I have everything here beside this registration file, because my installer disk is damaged after 20years and the file cannot be copied anymore.
Does anyone owns the InstallerDisk of the EWQLSO and could attach me this "registration tool" (6.5mb)?

Thanks in advance,

I thought I had the EWQLSO installer... but I can't found it it.
Maybe I can help you anyway. Do you have the EWQLSO Mac Os 9 installer, or at least the EWQLSO Kompak plugin or standalone?
If you have some of them, please attach them to a post. We can try to perform an "unoficial" registration... ;D ;D ;D

Hi MacTron,
thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it. I found the EWQLSO Installer (and the VST plugin which is not so helpful I guess). I hope you can help me with the installer somehow. :-)
By the way: I thought maybe it would be easier to just change re-program another "registration tool". Because I have a working serial here from a friend I would just need a working "registration tool"but especially for EWQLSO. But maybe it is easier for you with the attached installer. I am excited how you will get this done. :-)
Thanks in advance for your help and your time.


The EWQLSO installer is damaged. So, unless we find a good one, I think your best option is to use the EWQLSO library using Kompakt.

Hi MacTron,
thanks for your work. I really appreciate. I didn't recognize that the installer is damaged. Maybe someone can help out (or anyone has the registration tool for it).
Bytheway: I don't know how to use the library with my working kompakt. I put it in the kompakt library folder, but kompakt doesn't recognize it. Is there a trick how to use them in kompakt/kontakt?

Best, paule.


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